These are the PAP paramotor accessories; Parachute, Harness, Tachometer, Tandem system, Life vests, ATS system, Luggage bag, Gliders.


    The parachute is a recommended accessorie when flying a paramotor. Sup air and Itv parachutes can be found as for single or tandem flights.
    In this section you can also find the different containers for your parachute.
    HRS: The classic PAP container which is placed behind the head.
    SRS: This container is placed on the side replacing the removable bag.
    Front container : for pilots who prefer to place it in front also available with support for instruments.


    Special PAP harness by Supair which incorporates an air bag similar to the one in free flight.
    This airbag does not interfere at all while taking off or using the foot accelerator .
    It inflates the same way as in free flight with relative wind.

    As off the airbag it has some new accessories as a small bag on the shoulder for the radio and made off lighter material so not to increase the weight with the incorporation of the airbag.


    Digital hour meter and temperature meter.



    PAP tandem system . Here you can find all the necessary equipment for the tandem flight , separators, security bar, fixing kit , and harness for the passenger etc. 


    Life vest with automatic activation when in contact with the water. It is a required accessorie for pilots flying above water . We have two different vests one that is mounted on the paramotor, and the other for the pilot.


    With this system we have reduced the anti torque effect of the engine to make the piloting as smooth and comfortable as possible. We could deduce that the ATS acts as a stabiliser , lifting the rotation point by 90 mm where the glider is attached to the arm of the paramotor , just underneath the carabiner of the glider, preventing the side and vertical movements.


    Perfect for transporting or keeping the flying equipment away from dirt and dust. We have bags as for the paramotor, frame and for the trike.


    Niviuk and Powerplay gliders