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In this section you can find all the common elements of PAP engines: Frame, Carabiners, Arms, Fuel tanks, Protection net, Throttle, etc.


    In this section you can find the different frame parts as of their components: Connection clips, Union perno, Jarcia clip, Security clip, Adapter plate, Anti torque harness bar


    The frame kit is composed of the frame, installed fuel tank , and the anti torque arms.
    For whom is the PAP FRAME KIT?.
    • For a handyman pilot who can mount his own paramotor before buying the fully equipped equipment and save a few euros in time of crisis.
    • A PAP pilot who wants to renew his old equipment keeping the engine.
    • A pilot who is not happy with his paramotor and wants to fly the original PAP.


    All the carabiners and shackles that the paramotor is composed off.

  • A.S.ARMS

    These are the characteristic Pap aluminium arms , you can also find the ATS system


    In this section you will find the common PAP starter elements, throttle foot strap, straps, handle, pulley and cables, etc.


    Castrol Power 1 Racing, this is the oil we recommend and that we use in all our engines.


    As well as the 13 ltr tank , you can also find the next spare parts; Fuel filters, Fuel filter Breathing taps, 9, 5, and 3 ltr tanks, Fuel tubes, Pumps, Racord, Inside weight and filter, etc.


    Actual and old protection net cut by measure or by square meter, you can also find the different parts for the mounting of the net; Dyneema line, Thomas&betts, Rivets, Tensor lines, Cable ties and security clips, etc


    Complete starter and all the common elements of the PAP starter; Starter cable, Starter handle, Starter button, Electric cable, Proteccion tube, etc.

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